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DLoCookie- CookieCake Drop!!!

Shipping turnaround time can take up to two weeks from when you place your order. I am a small batch baker. (Please note, all creations are baked fresh prior to shipping with several bakes throughout the weeks.)

ALL COOKIE orders are guaranteed to ship out within two weeks after each cookie drop order is placed.

I am currently out of state attending the CheerChoiceAwards. I will re-open my Shopify site for new orders on April 26, 2024 at 12PM Pacific standard time


(Cookie Drop)

Once you’ve placed your order, I will notify you on the shipping timeline, guaranteed to ship out within 2 weeks after each order is placed. I am a small batch baker. I will try my best to ship everyone’s order out ASAP and will keep you updated if there are any delays.

what is a cookie cake?!

These cookie cakes are a hybrid of a cookie and a cake texture. If you love cookie dough, you will absolutely fall in love with these cookie cakes. Definitely worth the hype! I use quality ingredients including premium butter.

Please feel free to send me a text message if you have any questions. I appreciate you all and thank you so much for all the love and support!

Email or text me if you have any questions 😁

DLoCookie@icloud.com 408-821-8200